What Makes Us Unique

With so many escape rooms to choose from, we want you to know why The Great Escape Room offers you an experience unlike any other!

  • Original Puzzle and Room Design – Our in-house room creation ensures that all puzzles are unique and provides you with an experience that you haven’t seen before.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Our rooms are a unique blend of a traditional escape room and a challenging scavenger hunt. Finding our cleverly hidden clues is a challenge unto itself. We have something different that will appeal to everyone!
  • Hands-On Interactive Experience – Unlike most other escape rooms, our customers are expected to dissect, dismantle, and discover our cleverly hidden clues. Our props are made to be taken apart and you don’t need to clean up the mess!
  • Non-linear Gameplay – Multiple pathways are required to solve our puzzles. By having a large number of simultaneous activities, everyone has to be involved – one person can’t solve it all!
  • Teamwork Oriented – Our non-linear gameplay requires multiple individual efforts to be able to solve our rooms. A group effort is required for success.
  • Dedicated Game Master Experience – Unlike other escape rooms, we provide a dedicated Game Master that is present in the room during your adventure to assess your progress and individualize your experience.
  • Better Hint System – Your dedicated Game Master knows exactly where you are in your escape and can provide appropriate hints to steer you in the right direction when needed. This guarantees that all groups, at any skill level, will have an amazing adventure!
  • Corporate Friendly – Our themes are corporate appropriate and our larger escape rooms can hold 10 or more people. This is an opportunity to enjoy an escape room experience with a larger group of friends or coworkers. Our Competition Rooms allow teams to go head-to-head for corporate bragging rights.