Puzzle #96

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #95!

Zachary M. (Royal Oak), Brittani S. (Grand Rapids), Herb C. (Albany), Kate M. (Buffalo), Adrienne D. (Rochester), Mike T. (Orlando), Melissa  M. (Tampa), Yasmeen F. (Coral Gables), Angela R. (Jacksonville), Steve A. (Chicago), Amy W. (Washington D.C.), Jason H. (Providence), Alycia G. (Akron), and Haley F. (Pittsburgh).

Facebook winners: Sally R. (Royal Oak), Lea E. (Grand Rapids), Valerie P. (Albany), Mayra R. (Buffalo), Nathan H. (Rochester), Cecilia C. (Orlando), Angela N. (Tampa), Jessica J. (Coral Gables), Charlotte W. (Jacksonville), Moniek L. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Michael K. (Providence), Gezelle B. (Akron), and George H. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to last week’s puzzle was: 

Step 1: Take the rabbit to the other side

Step 2: Take the fox across and switch it with the rabbit

Step 3: Take the carrots across to be with the fox

Step 4: Go back to get the rabbit

For this week’s puzzle: A math puzzle! Good luck!

Can you make it so that each overlapping circle adds to 99 using the numbers available?


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