Puzzle #95

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #94!

Linds (Royal Oak), Jeff V. (Grand Rapids), Cody I. (Albany), Matthew R. (Buffalo), Deonna C. (Rochester), Joshua G. (Orlando), Casey J. (Tampa), Nina C. (Coral Gables), Robert S. (Jacksonville), Kevin H. (Chicago), Chris F. (Washington D.C.), John C. (Providence), Danielle B. (Akron), and Tony H. (Pittsburgh).

Facebook winners:  Terri S. (Royal Oak), Mike V. (Grand Rapids), Gina M. (Albany), Ian O. (Buffalo), Donald R. (Rochester), Melissa S. (Orlando), Faith S. (Tampa), (Coral Gables),  Debra A. (Jacksonville), Angel A. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Lara B. (Providence), Richard W. (Akron), and Sarah A. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to last week’s puzzle was: 

The wife is responsible! If she was sleeping during the murder, how would she know what everyone else was doing??

For this week’s puzzle: A fun Sherlock riddle! Good luck!


Sherlock is trying to cross a river. He has a small raft and needs to take his rabbit, his fox, and some carrots over to the other side of the river. He can only bring 1 item at a time across the river because his raft can only fit either the rabbit, the carrots or the fox at once. The fox and the rabbit cannot be left alone together without Sherlock present. How does Sherlock cross the river? (You can assume that the fox and the rabbit are not trying to escape and run away)



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