Puzzle #94

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #93!

Jasmine H. (Royal Oak), Carol G. (Grand Rapids), Christopher  S. (Albany), Daleen L. (Buffalo), Michael R. (Rochester), Keira G. (Orlando), Alexi R. (Tampa), Joshua F. (Coral Gables), Andrea B. (Jacksonville), Patrick S. (Chicago), (Washington D.C.), James B. (Providence), Jay S. (Akron), and Ryan D. (Pittsburgh).

Facebook winners:  Michael B. (Royal Oak), Marsha S. (Grand Rapids), Angelina C. (Albany), Christy A. (Buffalo), Philip M. (Rochester), Kieran T.(Orlando), Helga B. (Tampa), Jacky S. (Coral Gables), Kimi W. (Jacksonville), Carol W. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Roberta B. (Providence), Latrena (Akron), and Sarah S. (Pittsburgh).

Some possible answers to last week’s puzzle were: 

altar, aorta, atria, grail, largo, radio, ratio, tiara, trail, triad, trial, radial, and tailor. The 9-letter word was ‘gladiator.’

For this week’s puzzle: A fun Sherlock riddle! Good luck!


A man is found dead one Saturday morning. He was killed while his wife was sleeping. The wife tells Sherlock all that she knows. She tells them that the cook was cooking breakfast, the maid was cleaning and the butler was getting the mail. Sherlock immediately arrest the person who is responsible.

Who is responsible and why?


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