Puzzle #87

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #86!

Jill W. (Royal Oak), Matt P. (Grand Rapids), Martina N. (Albany), Michael G. (Buffalo), Melissa G. (Rochester), Chloe A. (Orlando), Katelyn M. (Tampa), N/A (Coral Gables), Ashlie W. (Jacksonville), Steven A. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Karissa D. (Providence), Dan W. (Akron), and Jennifer W. (Pittsburgh).

Facebook winners:  Michelle N. (Royal Oak), Marcy M. (Grand Rapids), Bethany K. (Albany), Fred S. (Buffalo),  Marlene H. (Rochester), Kristine C. (Orlando),  Andrea W. (Tampa),  (Coral Gables), Dawayne B. (Jacksonville), Somer S. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Bobbi R. (Providence), Gayle J. (Akron), and Kathi C. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to last week’s puzzle was: 





For this week’s puzzle: A fun riddle! Good luck!

4 cards are selected from the pack of 52 and placed face-down on a table. Based on the clues below, can you figure out what 4 cards were drawn?
1) The left card can’t be greater than the one on right
2) The difference between the first card and third card is 8
3) None of the Aces are present
4) No face cards have been included (i.e. no queen king and jacks)
5) The difference between the second and fourth card is 7





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