Puzzle #120

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #119!

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The answer to Puzzle #119 was:


Puzzle #120: A fun Sherlock Riddle! Good luck!

General Smithers invited five people to his country house for dinner, named: FOREST, GILES, HANDY, JACKSON and KING. Their vocations were: DOCTOR, ACTRESS, LAWYER, BANKER and WRITER (but not necessarily in that order). During the meal Smithers dropped dead from food poisoning. The poison had been slipped into his meal by one of the guests. When Sherlock Holmes arrived on the scene he was given the following information:
1. JACKSON arrived last, the DOCTO R arriving just
ahead of her.
2. The WRITER and the ACTRESS arrived before
3. Third to arrive was the LAWYER, just ahead of
4. FOREST had seen the ACTRESS put the poison on
Smithers’ plate.
Holmes took the ACTRESS to Scotland Yard for further questioning. Who was the ACTRESS?


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