Puzzle #109

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #108!

Helga S. (Royal Oak), Jennifer G. (Grand Rapids), Kyle T. (Buffalo), Chad W. (Rochester), Paula B. (Orlando), Kennady G. (Tampa),  Monica R. (Jacksonville), Tracy (Miami), Katya (Chicago), Abigail S. (Washington D.C.), Sheryl H. (Providence), Amy H. (Akron), and Virginia S. (Pittsburgh).

And our Facebook winners: Kelsy H. (Royal Oak), Lucy H. (Grand Rapids), Perla T. (Buffalo), Annie S. (Rochester), Michael S. (Orlando),  Gina G. (Tampa), Kay L. (Jacksonville), N/A (Miami), Adrianne T. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Marjorie L. (Providence), Lori M.(Akron), and Amy H. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to Puzzle #108 was:

6 is the number that should replace the ‘?’.

Puzzle #109:  Can you solve this KenKen puzzle below?? Good luck!

Fill in the blank squares so that each row and each column contain all of the digits 1 thru 5. The heavy lines indicate areas (called cages) that contain groups of numbers that can be combined (in any order) to produce the result shown in the cage, with the indicated math operation.

For example, 12× means you can multiply the values together to produce 12. Numbers in cages may repeat, as long as they are not in the same row or column.


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