Puzzle #107

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #106!

Stephanie U. (Royal Oak), Rae B. (Grand Rapids), Kimberly L. (Buffalo), Shanna C. (Rochester), Trisha D (Orlando), Geyser T. (Tampa),  Thalassa C. (Jacksonville), Kimberly P. (Miami), Anna R. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Erik  O. (Providence), Alexandra S. (Akron), and Melisa D. (Pittsburgh).

And our Facebook winners: Whitney M. (Royal Oak), Sandra M. (Grand Rapids), Kaylee (Buffalo), Jerry S. (Rochester), Marta R. (Orlando),  Cynthia S. (Tampa), Claire H. (Jacksonville),  (Miami), Thelma M. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Lisa F. (Providence), Mike C. (Akron), and Meghann L. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to Puzzle #106 was:

The horses finished the race in the following order:

1st Royal
2nd Park
3rd Peanuts
4th Dusky
5th Classic

Puzzle #107:  A Letter Sudoku grid! Good luck!

Can you solve this Sudoku puzzle using letters instead of numbers?? (You’ll only use letters A-I)



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