Puzzle #104

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #103!

Sally R. (Royal Oak), Sandy T. (Grand Rapids), N/A (Albany), Ashley B. (Buffalo), Chris S. (Rochester), Steven W. (Orlando), Joelle N. (Tampa),  Tim M. (Jacksonville), Lianys G. (Miami), N/A (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), N/A (Providence), Brad C. (Akron), and Robert T. (Pittsburgh).

And our Facebook winners: Mark B. (Royal Oak), Brian S. (Grand Rapids), Lisa R. (Albany), Katie C. (Buffalo), Sam K. (Rochester), A.J. H.(Orlando), Lise G. (Tampa), Meaghan V. (Jacksonville),  (Miami), Olivia N. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Elizabeth R. (Providence),  Becky Z. (Akron), and Michelle K. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to Puzzle #103 was:

Puzzle #104:  Using the 4 clues can you fill in the table below? Good luck!

A record company recently held auditions across the country to find four singers to form a new band. The four guys chosen are now super-stars! Using the clues below can you work out each guy’s previous day job, his age (19,20,21,22) and home town?

1. Greg is exactly two years younger or older than the guy from Cleveland who
used to be a truck driver.
2. Either Darren or the guy from Seattle (who may or may not be Patrick) used
to deliver pizzas.
3. The guy from New York is younger than Daniel but older than the one who
used to be a carpenter.
4. The 22 year old from San Francisco isn’t the one who used to be a waiter.

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