PotW 100 SMGraphic

Puzzle #100!

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #99!

Eric B. (Royal Oak), Cayla (Grand Rapids), Kathy S. (Albany), Tammi M. (Buffalo), Jim K. (Rochester), Michelle J. (Orlando), Jane C. (Tampa), N/A (Coral Gables), Josh C. (Jacksonville),  Meghan G. (Chicago), Jason R. (Washington D.C.), Kristen M. (Providence), Karen R. (Akron), and N/A (Pittsburgh).

Facebook winners: Christina P. (Royal Oak), Christy H. (Grand Rapids), Susan D. (Albany), Brittany S. (Buffalo), Joseph M. (Rochester), Becc L. (Orlando), Linda J. (Tampa), N/a (Coral Gables), Amanda B. (Jacksonville), Christine K. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Tony S. (Providence), Anita C. (Akron), and Jocelyn S. (Pittsburgh).

The answers to last week’s puzzle were:

  1. Stand up and be counted
  2. Forgive and forget
  3. Painless operation

For our 100th Puzzle of the Week: a word ladder! Good luck!

A word ladder is a sequence of words formed by changing just one letter each time (eg. CAT – COT – DOT – DOG). Starting from the top f the ladder below, can you find the missing words? Use the clues listed below the puzzle if you get stuck (going from top to bottom).



To celebrate our 100th Puzzle of the Week, we will be giving away a FREE PRIVATE EVENT! Just like/share our Facebook post AND send in an answer to the puzzle for your chance to win!! Only 1 winner will be selected per location! Good luck!!