Pittsburgh Booking

Please read through our booking policies below.


If you would like to make a room private for just your friends, family, or coworkers and do not want other players to join you, please purchase all available tickets in a room with full availability or contact us. If a room has tickets already sold, you will be paired with others.

Private Events can accommodate larger parties than General Admission. For split payments and groups greater than maximum capacity, please contact us to arrange for a private event.

Want to play outside of regular business hours? Contact us to arrange for a private event. We’ll open any time for you! Private events require the full purchase of one or more rooms.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Events will start promptly.

Our rooms are designed for ages 12 and up. Younger children may participate only in private events.

Sales tax and a processing fee of $1.80 per ticket will be applied to the final price.

All sales are final. Exchanges for another time may be provided at management’s discretion.

Book 9 tickets, get one free Friday-Sunday with code Group10 at checkout

“What an awesome way to spend an hour! The games were super challenging and so much fun. I went here for a team building experience with my company and I was a little nervous at first. This was my first escape room, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I was so happy to have one of the staff members in the room with me and my team. They explained all the rules and how the puzzles worked which helped. Had I not known where or how to begin, I would have been doomed! We had 8 in our group and booked the whole room to ourselves. I’d say between 5-8 people is the best way to go. Although, according to their escape boards and rates, it seems like the more people who are in the group the better their chance of escaping was. We did not escape, but we had a lot of fun! I can’t wait to play another one!”

“Okay, let me start off by saying that this is one of the most challenging escape experiences I’ve ever done. We played the Library, which had a fairly decent escape stat, so my group and I were pretty confident that we would make it out in time. Once “Dr. Watson” brought us into the rooms and explained the rules of how it worked, we all looked at each other and were like, “We got this.” Low and behold… we did NOT escape in time. However, we had a great time TRYING to get out of the room lol.  Well played TGER, well played indeed.”

“This was my first escape room experience and I’m so happy it was! I was here for a bachelorette party for my friend’s wedding and we had a blast! We played the Game Room. I was a little overwhelmed by how many pieces you had to find in the room, but once the search was on, we were knocking it out of the park! I must say, if you are thinking of trying out an escape room for yourself, it’s SUCH a great way to kill an hour with friends!”