The Great Escape Room PA Locations

Pennsylvania is widely known as the birthplace of our nation. Several of our country’s most important documents were written in this state including the US Constitution. The Great Escape Room® currently has one location in Pennsylvania located in downtown Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is vastly known throughout modern society to give a strong attitude of toughness, blue-collar work, and the occasional french-fries-on-a-sandwich lunch with your best pals, but there are several parts of the city which have a very different, storied past.

The Great Escape Room® operates out of the Lawyer Building in downtown Pittsburgh. It is regarded as one of the oldest, most prestigious buildings in the region. The 25 story giant has a colorful past, being utilized throughout the 1930’s and 40’s as the top hotel in the city for celebrities to unwind and stay during business ventures and meetings. Famous figures in history such as Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, Ed Sullivan, Arnold Palmer, as well as famous Pittsburgh icon David L. Lawrence resided within the Lawyer Building, consistently stating that it was one of the most beautiful buildings in the city..

Although the Lawyer Building has a very prestigious cloak that hangs over the outside, it harbors a darker undertone for many individuals. Many believe that throughout the prohibition area, the basement of the building, where The Great Escape Room® resides, was home to one of the largest speakeasies in Pittsburgh at the time. There was reportedly an incredibly detailed operation of bottling, transporting, as well as the production process of illegal beverages all within the basement of this iconic building. Some believe that because of all the illegal activity and suspicious figures that resided within the basement throughout this time period, the basement has become a haven for spirits to roam within modern day times. One thing is for certain, The Great Escape Room® has quickly become a statewide favorite for events and activities. Locked in a room for 60 minutes, teams work together to find clues and solve puzzles to plot their escape. Book your next escape today!