Chicago Booking

Please read through our booking policies below.


If you would like to make a room private for just your friends, family, or coworkers and do not want other players to join you, please purchase all available tickets in a room with full availability or contact us. If a room has tickets already sold, you will be paired with others.

Private Events can accommodate larger parties than General Admission. For split payments and groups greater than maximum capacity, please contact us to arrange for a private event.

Want to play outside of regular business hours? Contact us to arrange for a private event. We’ll open any time for you! Private events require the full purchase of one or more rooms.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Events will start promptly.

Our rooms are designed for ages 12 and up. Younger children may participate only in private events.

Sales tax and a processing fee of $1.80 per ticket will be applied to the final price.

All sales are final. Exchanges for another time may be provided at management’s discretion.

“I have to say that the Great Escape Room Chicago was truly a wonderful experience! Some friends and I went in to do The President’s Bunker, and we didn’t quite make 10 so we were joined in our room by an older couple (who turned out to be delightful!). Our room guide was super friendly and had a great sense of humor. He helped make it fun for all of us, which we needed since we were a little unsure about working with strangers. He was really helpful in encouraging us to work together to solve the puzzles too. Although we didn’t quite make it out in the end, it was really interesting to see the guide break down the elements of the game at the end. I have to say these games are tough! Even though we didn’t get out, it was still a great moment to have the team picture at the end. We all weirdly agreed that we still had this sense of accomplishment, even though I was holding up a banner that said “defective detectives”. I don’t know if it was the challenge of not making it out of this one or whether we just really enjoyed the struggle, but we have already booked to come back and do Moriarty’s Gameroom next week! I would definitely recommend this to pretty much anyone, but especially if you enjoy a challenge!”

“The Great Escape Room Chicago was overall a great experience. From the moment we walked in, we immediately felt welcomed and the energy was up. We played Sherlock”s Library and my family really had a blast. Our room monitor made sure we understood each puzzle and he was very patient with us at times. (Like most, our family tends to get a little heated in competition) Even though the monitor was in the room with us the whole time, it was almost as if he was only actually there when we really needed it. I guess we were just so focused on the game, because it requires A LOT of focus. The puzzles were anything but easy. However, with a few helpful hints from our monitor, we just barely managed to escape with only a minute left! I have been to a few escape rooms and this one was by far the most enjoyable. It was super challenging, but never felt like it was impossible or a lost cause. I must say once again it was a great time and we even got to take a winning team photo when it was over. I definitely recommend that others bring their families or friends because it was such a fun team building experience. I can’t wait to try the other rooms you guys have to offer!!”