Miami Booking

Please read through our booking policies below.


If you would like to make a room private for just your friends, family, or coworkers and do not want other players to join you, please contact us to arrange a Private Event for 10 or more. If a room has tickets already sold, you will be paired with others.

Private Events can accommodate larger parties than General Admission. For split payments and groups greater than maximum capacity, please contact us to arrange for a private event.

Want to play outside of regular business hours? Contact us to arrange for a private event. We’ll open any time for you! Private events require the full purchase of one or more rooms.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Events will start promptly.

Our rooms are designed for ages 12 and up. Younger children may participate only in private events.

Sales tax and a processing fee of $1.80 per ticket will be applied to the final price.

All sales are final. Exchanges for another time may be provided at management’s discretion.

“This place is a cool, fun activity to do that I have done with both friends and family. The room begins with a “sherlock assistant” in the room playing a message from Master Sherlock Holmes explaining to the team the reason they are locked inside the room and how to get out. The monitor then explains how the room works and how to complete the mission. You must find different clues and solve multiple, cool puzzles to find the one key to “escape”. We were merged with other people we didn’t know, and it made the room even more enjoyable since there were more people to help solve the puzzles. At some moments one can get really stuck and there are hints that could be used to get help from the assistant, without actually giving the puzzle away. Escape Rooms have become really popular, and I think it is a really fun night activity to do after dinner with friends. It is 32 dollars per person, pretty reasonable compared to other escape room prices I’ve seen. The “Library” is the first level of the three rooms, but by no means is it easy being the first level. The room is very large and can fit a nice big group in it, and still not feel crowded. The monitors are always accommodating and trying to make each group as comfortable as possible. It is a fun adventure to find the different clues and parts to the puzzle, and really trying to “think outside the box” is a fun way to test your problem solving and thinking skills. The Great Escape Room is also great to play with different teams that you are a part of in your everyday life, such as a team from work, or a sports team. You can really interpret the team building skills that you do inside the room, and see how it can be used in real life. The Great Escape Room is a great place to see where your skillset lies in terms of teamwork, communication, cooperation, brainstorming skills etc. It is exciting and unique!”