Corporate Team Building Exercises

Teams that play well together, work well together. At The Great Escape Room®, we embrace this concept to create a fun and interactive experience that requires teamwork for success. We offer both on and off site corporate team building events that will put your employees skills to the test!

On Site Events

Your goal is to find clues hidden throughout the room. Using your team members’ varied skills, you will solve puzzles leading to your escape. Our rooms are part scavenger hunt, part puzzle solving. You will need to communicate effectively and handle unexpected challenges. Flexibility and open mindedness are essential for success. Your team will celebrate multiple collective victories along the way as all members contribute to the solution. Group decisions are critical while the clock ticks down to 00:00.

How Will This Help Improve Your Team?

Our puzzles are designed to help you appreciate other team members’ strengths. Everyone contributes! This shared experience provides insight into your group’s performance. A team building experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere can be more appreciated than traditional techniques.

Escape Room Event Timing: 1 hour

Off Site Events

The Great Escape Room® On-The-Run event is racing across the nation. Our portable experience can bring the excitement of a competitive puzzle solving event to the location of your choice. Our event is suitable for any large group of over 40 players (with no maximum).

Participants divide into groups and use out-of-the-box thinking to unravel clever puzzles. Success is not guaranteed, but fun, a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation of your teammates is! We are pleased to offer this at many cities across the country, and, based on our testimonials, our clients are pleased as well.

A Brain-Teasing Race of Intellect!

On-The-Run is a fun activity that will enhance your team’s ability to work together. Participants are divided into small groups to solve multiple puzzles with unexpected twists and turns. The competition is timed and joint decisions are critical for success. Your guests will enjoy racing each other for the enviable prize of intellectual bragging rights.

On-The-Run Event Timing: Approximately 2 hours (flexible based on your schedule)

To book your next corporate team building event, contact your local venue today!

“My office has never had such a great time together. We had to think outside the box. Everything was unexpected, especially how much fun it was! I recommend this as a great team bonding experience.” – Raul D.

“Thank you so much for coordinating our Region 5 event. Our group of property managers from Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana thoroughly enjoyed the challenges provided in the excellent team building exercise. We are also extremely competitive so we had a great time competing against each other. This is a brilliant concept and well done. I highly recommend it to others.” – Deanna, RPM Management

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